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Barefoot MaxHi. Here's some more information about running barefoot including running at your gym, shoe reviews, and races. To the left is a picture of How Ya Hangin's? barefoot running team. (pictured myself, Nicole Scimone, Amy McDonagh and Bart Boland.

Once again, I can not stress enough start slowly. Just because you run 5 miles in your regular shoes don't pick up a minimalist shoe or run 5 miles barefoot because there is a good chance you may get hurt. Run 1 mile at first. You will begin to feel your calves working and the back of your legs will begin to tone. Buy Barefoot Ken Bob's book. It will help you with the transition.

I encourage you to sign up for the 3rd Annual NYC Barefoot run. It will be held in New York City in 2013. Brother and sister, John and Maggie Durant have created one of the best events I have ever attended. I will post the date once its established. For more information click on the link

"In the beginning they question. At the end they follow." MH

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Running at your Gym

I ran barefoot in high school and now I have been running barefoot for about 2 years. Over those years, I lost the need to wear pleated pants due to my running. Barefoot running has toned the back part of my legs.

About a year ago, I decided to run barefoot at my local gym. My local gym is one of the most premier forward thinking gyms in the Baltimore Area. After running barefoot on a treadmill for about 3 weeks, I was approached by a Gym Watchdog who informed me that I was not allowed to run barefoot on a treadmill due to Gym regulations. I asked who made this determination and was referred to a staff member. I spoke with the staff member and let her borrow Chris McDougal's Born to Run Book.

I took a sabbatical away from the gym, preferring to run barefoot at my house. After a couple of months the staff member had completed the book. She allowed me to run on a remote treadmill on the far side of the gym.

After the 2nd Annual Barefoot Run in New York City, I became energized. I asked staff permission to go mainstream and run barefoot in the main area. The staff person indicated it was OK as long as I provided education to those who asked. I stated I would create this web site to provide education to anyone who was interested. The next couple of weeks were great. People would approach me and I provided education. Then the Gym Watchdog's struck again and told me to put my shoes on. Again

Common Misconceptions:

Its not hygienic for people who use the treadmill after you run barefoot.
People who run on the treadmill after you are wearing shoes. Do those people worry about the bottom of their shoes when they are walking in the parking lot? There is also much debate over which part of the body is more succeptable to germs hands or feet. Hands are more succeptable to more strep bacteria due to their exposure to nose, mouth and common areas. Feet are more succeptable to fungi due to the closed shoe environment and the cross contaminent on the locker room floor.

Shoes are required at the gym.
I wear shoes once I am off of the treadmill. Shoes are not required at all the areas of the gym. Are shoes required during yoga classes? No, people are in bare feet to benefit from the added traction their barefoot provides. Are shoes required around the pool area? This is an areas which is more precarious due to the wet surface than the traction of a treadmill belt.

Its a Liability Issue your foot can get sucked into the treadmill.
The treadmill belt is spinning away from the treadmill You will not get sucked in to the treadmill. You are more likely to get spit out the back of the treadmill. Let me sign the waiver.

I was encouraged to see that many cross fit gyms actually allow customers to run barefoot on their treadmills.

Here is another post from a frustrated gym member


Shoe Reviews

Here is my review of shoes I own starting at Au Naturale and transitioning from there.

Barefoot Ken Bob

Au Naturale

Inexpensive and how man started running. Also preferred by 9 out of 10 Kenyans. Amazing the bounce you can get using the proper technique. Oh yes but what about glass. Watch Ken Bob's video by clicking here.

A little tricky on gravel and broken pavement.


Teva Zilch

Teva Zilch

Tiva has been a pioneer in sandals. Pictured above is the clunky Tiva running sandal I bought 15 years ago. Teva has done a great job with the Zilch. This is the closest I have gotten to barefoot and allows me to enjoy my gym again. Takes a little adjustment to make sure the toe loop set in the proper place. A little troublesome if you are going through water obstacles see Rebel Run 2012 race video. This is the shoe I wear all day and night.

NB Minimus

New Balance Mimimus

This was my shoe of choice before my sandals. A running shoe that provides for lateral movement. Tricky sizing. If you notice I modified my shoes with heel pads. Good shoe for a wide range of applications. My favorite is to use these shoes on Har Tru tennis courts. You will gain a step over your competition.

Newton MV2

Newton MV-2

Newton is a shoe company that has been involved in the minimalist movement for a while. This is their lightest racing shoe. These shoes have a bounce mechanism under the balls of your feet to increase your speed. When sizing this shoe make sure the balls of your feet are aligned with the bounce pad. I had to go up a full size. If you want to go fast this is your shoe.

Buy your Minimalist Shoes and get 10% off your Purchase at Baltimore Falls Road Running Store.

Just cut this out and take it to Jim at the store to get your discount. Enjoy! Barefoot Max

The Falls Road Running Store is Baltimore's oldest specialty running store.  It is locally owned and operated by runners for runners. It may well be the hardest retail operation to find this side of the Great Divide...but the search is well worth it.

Years ago the Hess Running Center was the place to go in Baltimore.  Suddenly, the entire regional Hess Shoe chain closed and went out of business, including the Running Center.  About that time, local runner Jim Adams was asking local triathlon coach Troy Jacobson why he didn't sell running shoes along with wetsuits and bicycles in his triathlon store.  The two worked out a handshake deal for Jim to take a corner of the tri-store and Troy to receive a percentage of profits in lieu of rent. 

Both ventures grew to the point of separation just due to space.  Troy chose to leave and set up shop in Hunt Valley, and eventually in Arizona, where he is a best-selling coach and producer of training videos.  Jim grew the original space at Falls Road to triple the original size, with the acquisition of two additional basement areas.  Inevitably, the store's growth attracted numerous competitors.  Some have survived while others have failed, but Falls Road Running remains a Baltimore running tradition












Barefoot Ted

2nd Annual Barefoot Run 2011

One of the funnest time you can have meeting the premier people in the Barefoot movement and oh yes beer gardens. Great Time!




Susan Komen

Susan Komen Race for the Cure, Hunt Valley, MD 2011

Huge race in November. Thousands of people and to my surprise did not see anyone running barefoot. Be carefull when it gets cold and you can't feel your feet it gets tough to use proper technique.



Run Amok Rockville 2012

Very fun race in Rock Creek park. A lot of rocks. Ouch. Very long video its better to just jump around on the video. Fun race will do again.


Rebel Race. Monkton, MD 2012

We started in 103 degree temperature at the last wave at 3:30 pm. Hot, Hot, Hot. Another very long video so just jump around. A ton of mud laced with cow manure. We even saw two cows on the path. For some reason a lot of people got cut up in the mud. 1st time I cut my foot and off to 1st aid I went. A special race for those special few.